Temescal Street Cinema 2009


SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Marcia Jarmel, Ken Schneider) Closely following four very different local public-schoolers through an academic year of language immersion learning, “Speaking in Tongues” draws on subtle nuances of the kids’ stories to illustrate the complex shades and permutations of bilingual schooling. These amazing kids will upend all your ideas about learning…

Children’s Hospital Oakland Made Shorts! Accompanied by a special program of shorts made by young people at the Children’s Hospital!

BAY AREA ICONS: A SERIES OF SHORTS Hang out with Frank Chu of 12 Galaxies fame or throw pies at film festival goers with this eclectic celebration of eccentricity.

WELCOME TO NOLLYWOOD (Jamie Meltzer) A crazily hilarious and inspiring documentary look at the Nigerian film industry, which is the third largest in the world after India and the United States. The film profiles several filmmakers who defy budgets, nature and sometimes sanity itself to keep the completely homegrown and grassroots industry churning.

DRYLONGSO (Cauleen Smith) Pica is a woman who can’t find meaning in her own life. Living in Oakland, CA, she’s tired of her job at an illegal poster distribution center. Unable to complete a photography project on herself at school, she grabs a Polaroid camera and decides to document the existence of young black men, whom she feels are a breed on the verge of becoming extinct. What results is a beautiful tribute to the power of community.

19 ARRESTS AND NO CONVICTIONS (Judy Irving) Judy Irving of “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” brings us this loving documentary portrait of an Italian-American bar owner with a fishy nightlife who redeems himself as a San Francisco Bay open-water swimmer, “escaping” from Alcatraz to the mainland.

SMITTEN (Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto) This portrait of eccentric art collector Rene di Rosa is not only about a man and his vast and extraordinary collection, it also offers a delightful commentary on the “art” of aging successfully (Rene is deep into his eighties). Without extreme amounts of money or a passport into the high society of art, di Rosa has nonetheless fallen in love with art.

MIGRATIONS: A SERIES OF SHORTS Everyone’s moving from place to place, so travel from a border crossing simulation in Mexico to a giant Chinese mall, the biggest in the world.