Temescal Street Cinema 2011


JUNE 9 DIY Meets Dirt: Shorts for Urban Homesteaders Homesteading Activities with the Institute of Urban Homesteading and Happy Girl Kitchen beginning at 8pm. Opening Music: Quinn Deveaux Q+A with Deborah Koons Garcia after the films! DIY Meets Dirt Shorts

JUNE 16 Practice of the Wild (John J. Healey) An evocative and inspiring documentary about poet and deep ecology proponent, Gary Snyder. www.wholeearthfilms.com Opening Short: Doghat's Journey by Lydia Greer and Veronica de Jesus with music by Coconut Opening Music: The Range of Light Wilderness

JUNE 23 TRUST (Nancy Kelly, Kenji Yamamoto) An empowering film about a youth theater company that transform the painful events of one member’s life into a powerful performance. www.trustdocumentary.org Opening Short: The Chambered Nautilus by Vanessa Woods Opening Music: Ash Reiter

JUNE 30 Animation + Experimentation A night of animated and experimental shorts. Opening Music: Amber Gougis

JULY 7 D-Tour (Jim Granato) While struggling with kidney failure, performing dialysis daily and waiting for an organ donor, musician Pat Spurgeon's commitment to touring with indie pop band Rogue Wave is put to the test. www.dtourmovie.com Opening Short: Call + Response by Ellen Lake Opening Music:  Pancho-san

JULY 14 Sons of a Gun (Rivkah Beth Medow, Greg O’Toole) A surprising, funny and poignant film following three schizophrenic men and their alcoholic caregiver as they struggle to stay together after getting evicted from their home. www.sonsofagunmovie.com Opening Short: Hell is a Place by Alan Disparte Opening Music: Misisipi Mike Wolf

Opening Shorts Presented by the Royal NoneSuch Gallery