JUNE 9: DIY Meets Dirt: Shorts for Urban Homesteaders


DIY Meets Dirt: Shorts for Urban Homesteaders
Homesteading Activities with the Institute of Urban Homesteading and Happy Girl Kitchen beginning at 8pm.
Opening Music: Quinn Deveaux
Q+A with Deborah Koons Garcia after the films!

Shorts include:
Man on the Land
, 1951, 14:40
A 50′s era cartoon tells the story of man’s conquest of the soil and his inevitable progress toward civilization. Sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute!

Soil in Good Heart, by Deborah Koons Garcia, 2011, 13:31
A ‘sonata’ from “Symphony of the Soil,” an upcoming feature film that examines soil in all its complexity and mystery.

Wasteland, by Kathleen Quillian, 2010, 3:05
Through stop-motion animation, “Wasteland” follows the path of the industrial food system from field to table and back and shows how the industry operates at the expense of the health of the society it was designed to nourish.

Milk Crate Planter Bed, by Mariana Lopez, 2008, 8:32
Maya Donelson, founder of Graze the Roof, gathers some of her friends for an afternoon of raised bed construction

BEEing Barb, by Katie Olson, 2008, 7:12
San Francisco Backyard beekeeper Barbara Amato unconditionally loves and cares for her bee’s which has resulted in local award winning honey.

Wet, by Marina Shoupe, 2009, 6:52
Carlyne Halde demonstrates ingenious and dedicated ways to save water.

Dandelion Wine, by Sam Sharkey and Melinda Stone, 2009, 4:33
Wanna get drunk? Don’t have a dime.

Plus a special short video featuring writer and urban farmer Novella Carpenter telling about her
experiences growing veggies and raising goats, chickens and pigs (not as pets) in Oakland’s ’Ghost Town’!